diamond nfts

Platinum collection now open for minting
Reveal on 1st nov 2021

World's first diamond nfts

100% secured on the Polygon blockchain

100% sustainable

No blood diamonds, all Diamond NFTs are mined on the blockchain.

100% digital nft diamonds

Never lose or misplace your diamonds, these will really last forever.

100% unique, no two alike

10,000 unique diamond NFTs have been minted and there are NO duplicates.

Diamond NFTs

THREE collections for your budget

Platinum diamonds on ethereum

A limited set of 3,333 exquisitely 3D designed and rendered Diamond NFTs with real diamond characteristics and cuts on the Ethereum network.

Platinum diamonds on 0xpolygon

A beautiful collection of 3,333 exquisitely 3D designed, perspective rendered, diamonds and other precious gems on the 0xPolygon network (low gas!)

The Original Diamond nft Collection

10,000 Diamond NFTs mined on the Polygon blockchain. The OG collection, allow you affordable access to the Platinum collection